The Church year rolls on with the Epiphany of Our Lord and the season of Epiphany. Epiphany means "revealing". The central message of Epiphany is that Christ is revealed as a light to the nations and in Him all the families of the earth shall be blessed. It is fitting that the season begins with the a focus on the magi, pagan foreigners who come to Jesus, being led by the star.

During the season of Epiphany, there are several special observances. The first is the Baptism of Our Lord. This is the "beginning" of the ministry of Jesus, as He stands in the place of sinners to begin His journey to the cross, "to fulfill all righteousness."  The season also reveals the growth of the ministry of Jesus. The colors of the Church reflect this, changing from white to green. The culmination of the season is the Transfiguration of Our Lord. This is the ultimate revelation of Jesus until His resurrection, where the three disciples get a glimpse of the glory of Jesus. 

I invite you to meditate on the continuing way that the Lord reveals Himself to you daily in His Word and Sacraments. Every day we are renewed in the promises of God in our baptisms, and our connected to Jesus journey, culminating in the cross and resurrection. Epiphany is a rich and robust season, with many ways we are directed to worship the Lord. Please take advantage of the gifts of the Divine Service and the preaching of His Word. 

New Service Opportunity

Have you been thinking about ways to serve at church but know how? Or you don’t know how your gifts could be utilized? Well, we have a new and exciting opportunity for you! We are seeking volunteers that would be willing to drive members to church. We have many people in our congregation that either cannot drive or don’t drive at night. Prayerfully consider volunteering to be part of the new St. Paul Saints Driving Corps, a committee of people committed to getting people to church and bible class. All that is required is a working vehicle, insurance, and a valid driver license. That’s it! The more volunteers, the better our coverage and success rate. Please contact the church office to put your name in. More information to follow. Become a St. Paul Saint today! 

Sermon Audio Available

Something we have been doing for the past several weeks is putting the audio of some of the most current sermons on the website. This is to accommodate those who travel or who unfortunately are unable to attend worship. We will also soon be sharing links on our Facebook page to the sermons. Going forward, we will be doing more with our site as a way to connect the absent member, or allow the curious visitor to see what we are about at St. Paul’s. Please visit the sermon tab and check it out! We are committed to making improvements over the next year to make our website a great place for information as well as a location that the community can explore. The goal is to be a window into our congregation. Any feedback or ideas about ways for improvement, please submit to Pastor Heaton. 

​​​Life Sunday January 20th

Sunday, January 20th is recognized as "Sanctity of Life Sunday" throughout the Missouri-Synod. We will be taking a door offering in support of Lutherans For Life and the sermon will have a "life focus". The theme is "From Age to Age the Same," and the text is from Isaiah 46:3b-4. Please consider attending this Sunday and making a donation to LFL. To learn more, click the link

The Epiphany of Our Lord

Elders C​orner

​We want to thank Pat Quigley & Doug Newman for their service to the Elders. Happy New Year! The Elders

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