​Church Officers Needed for 2018

Elder- 2 needed for three year term

Trustee- 1 needed for 3 year term

Board of Education- 1 needed for 3 year term

These offices are for a 1 year term: Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Vice President and President.

Please consider helping the church. If interested contact Pastor Mueller or Rita Newman. 


​Council Budget Meeting

There will be a council meeting Monday, December 11 at 6:30 p.m. to work on 2018 budget. 

Foundation Repair Loan & Mission Goal

We have a current loan balance of $20,252.22 for the parsonage foundation repair loan. We recently received a gift of $5,000.00 toward this loan. We also have a goal of $4,000.00 for missions. We welcome any gifts towards our loan and mission goal. Thank You.​

Together in Advent

Together in Advent, we celebrate together as the family of God the coming of his Son for our salvation. Each week in the series focuses on a different activity for our “to-do-list” that is focused on giving and sharing instead of on materialism.

November 29: Be Present

December 6: Send Peace

December 13: Share Joy

December 20: Wrap in Love

Advent services will begin November 29th . Services will be at Noon & 7:00 p.m.

Advent Meals

We will have a meal at 6:00 p.m. each Wednesday during Advent. November 29 will be Breakfast foods. Bring your favorite breakfast dish. December 6 will be chili dump. More info in next newsletter. December 13 will be International. December 20 will be our famous Spuds & Splits. Sign-up sheets on the table behind the pews.

Special Announcement

Dear Brothers and Sisters at St. Paul’s,

After considerable prayer and thought and discussion, Mary and I have begun making specific plans for our retirement. At this point, we are planning on a date about 2 years from now, either the end of June 2018 or end of September 2018 (depending on the requirements of my pension).

During the past few years I have recognized that I cannot do some things that once were easy, nor do I have the energy to do all the things that I desire to do or that need to be accomplished for the sake of the ministry here at St. Paul’s. We have been a part of St. Paul’s for 22 years now. You have been our spiritual family for all that time (more than 1/3 of my lifetime), and we have loved our relationship with you. But I also recognize that the time is coming for me to step aside and a new pastor to become your spiritual leader.

I do not want to “coast” during these last years with you, so I have asked the Elders and Pres. Gilman and now all of you to work with me in finding at least one new way to reach out with the Gospel into the community around us. During the next few months (after I get back from vacation and Andrew Cave’s ordination) I hope we can discuss possible ways to do that – to keep us all active as witnesses of our Lord’s love and forgiveness.

Mary and I give thanks for the blessings that God has given us through all of you, and for the opportunity to be part of Christ’s family here with you. We trust that God will provide new opportunities for our service, most likely near our daughter’s family in New Hampshire. We also trust that God will provide for the needs of spiritual leadership for St. Paul’s.

Thank you again for your love and support over the past two decades, and for your ongoing commitment to work together in the coming two years. To God be the glory!

Pastor David Mueller

St. Paul's Lutheran Church